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Located at the luxurious Canyon Ranch Miami Beach, this project involved the interior demolition of three apartments, comprising of the entire 25th floor, into one 5000 SF residence. The project included one year of pre-construction planning, design collaboration, and value engineering services. This extensive planning allowed the owner, design team, and the ability to purchase all long lead items without delay and to achieve a fast-track aggressive project schedule. Interior designed by DWD, Inc. the residence is a fusion of clean modern lines and contemporary finishes. Crisp reveals in material finishes are a common design element at the base boards, floors, ceiling, and door casings. A fully integrated Creston system allows the owner to control the audio, video, window treatments, and mechanical system via their smart-phone or decorative touch-screen panels strategically placed throughout the apartment.



Miami Beach




Project was completed as co-directors of Plaza  Construction Luxury Residential Division 

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